I really like… kitten, like in kittenwear!

Imi place atat de mult incat trb sa-mi exprim admiratia pe blog. E o sursa de relaxare si incantare fiecare vizita pe blog-ul ei. Kittenwear nu este numai un brand de handmade, e un soul brand. Pe Cristina Papacu am cunoscut-o la a treia intalnire RFB. Este un exemplu ca poti trai, facand ceea ce-ti place, lucru care nu poate decat sa ma bucure.

Acum stiu ca suntem in 21, iar deadline-ul este pe 22 mai, dar… cu scuzele de rigoare ca nu v-am impartasit mai devreme, here goes:

There were once two kittens who liked to play together. They used to chat for hours and hours, laughing and dreaming. Time would pass by so quickly and they didn’t even realise when they grew up. They did their studies, took up work and found out there’s not so much time for swinging and laughing, although they remember those happy times everyday. They miss each other very much, but don’t seem to find a solution for spending time together. Until one day, when… […]
Now YOU enter the scene writing and finishing this story, with an ending of your own. You can invent it as you wish and then post it in the comments section. It can be in Romanian, English, Dutch… or any other language you want.
Ending time: 22th of May.
The winner will get this ’80s KITTEN Tee with an original handpainted design.
The tee is available in other colours or different sizes by request and its price is 85 ron/20 eur.

sursa: http://kittenwear.blogspot.com

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